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FIGHT-302 Clinical Study

Explore the FIGHT-302 clinical study for patients with metastatic or surgically unresectable cholangiocarcinoma with fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (FGFR2) rearrangements.

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Understanding Clinical Trials

At Incyte, we believe in the power of research to find new ways of improving health. Clinical trials are a vital part of our discovery process, enabling us to explore innovative ways to support patients, healthcare professionals, and the broader healthcare community.

Explore the different aspects of clinical trials and take a closer look at how Incyte clinical trials are designed to address today’s unmet medical needs.

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Why Participate?

The decision to participate in a clinical trial is a very personal one—and may be based on a variety of reasons. Healthy volunteers may take part in an effort to help others, while those affected by a specific medical condition may do so in the hopes of receiving the latest investigational treatment. In both cases, the decision to join a clinical trial is about finding answers—and that’s what Incyte clinical trials strive to deliver.

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Incyte Commitment

Incyte’s drug discovery efforts began in 2002 with a team of world-class scientists striving to create innovative medicines for patients. Today, we continue our rigorous pursuit of scientific excellence with multiple drugs in clinical development.

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How to Begin the Clinical Trials Dialogue With Your Healthcare Professional

You may have questions about clinical trials and about what it means to be a study participant. To help initiate a discussion with your healthcare professional about possible available clinical trials, Incyte offers a resource guide to help get the conversation started.